Alberto Fernández Dell'Oca

Alberto Fernandez Dell'Oca


Alberto co-founded ICUC, whereby he leads the registration, content selection and edition processes. Alberto's creativity and problem solving skills have led him to the forefront of innovation in orthopedics. He has received multiple recognitions for his numerous contributions to the improvement of patient care, among which he received the TK Innovation Prize from the AO Foundation (2008) and was a member of honor of the SECOT (2013). Besides working at ICUC, Alberto has been Chief of the Orthopedic Surgery Department at the British Hospital, Montevideo, Uruguay since 1998. He has also been the Director of the Residency Program in Traumatology and Orthopedics at the Universidad de Montevideo, Uruguay since 2006. Alberto holds an MD degree from the UdelaR, Montevideo, Uruguay.