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Complete and unselected series of surgical cases from world leading centers

More than 800 cases that guide surgeons through every step of the surgical procedure

Expert Opinion section highlights the discussions of leading surgeons on most relevant cases

ICUC commitment with transparency means we show excellent cases and common pitfalls, as both have high teaching power

ICUC Statement

ICUC aims at improving surgery, supplementing experience to conventional teaching.

ICUC provides real life, close up recordings of proficient surgery commented by experts.

As a learning experience ICUC provides front row insight, closing the gap between planning and performing.

ICUC recording provides complete and continuous coverage of all patients during a preselected time period offering solid insight far beyond simple data collection.

ICUC records all surgeries at collaborating qualified hospitals during a predetermined time period. ICUC makes the edited recordings freely accessible with guiding comments by experts.

The fact of recording all critical steps of an individual surgery by medical professionals allows retrospective analysis and extraction of new knowledge.

The focus of ICUC is the technical concept and performance of surgery.

The young surgeon is guided through success, shortcomings and failures avoiding flawed conclusions. For the experienced surgeon, ICUC provides inciting information from other and own surgeries.

Conventional publications do usually not provide full access to the data of the single surgical procedure. The illustrated cases are selected and do not show details of the technical procedure. ICUC allows access to all details of the technical procedure.

To provide complete and continuous recordings, the clinic agrees to include during a predetermined time period all cases treated by a defined crew.

The clinic agrees to submit to audit the completeness and correctness of the data they share with ICUC. Professional help is provided for proper handling of the necessary permissions (e.g. informed consent, ethical approval).

The photographers are competent surgeons in the field and their goal is to record all important steps of the surgeries.

The recorded data are accessible without cost and individual surgeons can use them for free for their presentations and publications provided ICUC is properly quoted. The slides are watermarked to credit the efforts invested. The recorded data is anonymized to prevent misuse.

The data is also well suited for different applications such as grand round discussions.

ICUC is a unique prospective approach expanding the horizon in surgery and research.